Monday, May 20, 2013

GTA San Andreas Myth,Leaked & Easter Eggs

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GTA San Andreas myth :D. sorry i delete my post before
Myth part 1


I dont know some player found this UFO, maybe fake or nothing

no other words than a very mysterious UFO in the real world as well as in game one ini.rumor this myth is the players often see objects hovering in the sky, but some ufo pictures I suspect that it is a false picture because the player may perform all fly cheat Car away / drifting car hit and players took photos with a considerable distance, so as to make the results of such images ufo sightings in the sky when it's just the usual mod or vehicle terbang.namun also rumors circulating in the PC version of the player found in gta3.img (file ) use the tool to open the file and the results UFO.dff UFO.txd but it just Statue that is in a place called lil probe in '. the place was a lot of explaining about ufo an image or a real dokumen.Ufo may exist in san andreas but not any player can see and players believe that UFO statue can be driven by means completing the game 100% all without a cheat like a hidden mission (this may be a hoax )
map is suspected as a UFO crashed and the existence of ufo

2.Ghost car
Ghost car is a car that can move on its own without a car can be found around the pengemudinya.Ghost Back 'o Beyond and Desert and the car is in disrepair, can not diperbaiki.Ghost car just because the road itself spawn in places uneven or extra in-game script . according to the myth hunter, to see the ghost car is on, we have to use the jetpack without cheat and see the night day.I had experience in playing on the ps2 is using a ghost car to investigate Leatherface but failed because the car sometimes turn itself and I fell of the car.Ghost car also received a reference from the movie texas chainsaw massacre is on the scene Leatherface chasing someone in the car and the car menchainsaw
The map of ghost car                                                                         


mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot is hairy gorilla and there in the real world as well as in game one ini.Bigfoot commonly found around the forest like chilliad mount, Back o beyond and shady creek.Bigfoot present in the PC version might be a fake or a mere mod in the game and Bigfoot in the ps2 version according seejay myth as safe and some native hunter is there or may be due to incorrect rendering time random spawn script or scripts, may also shadow when seen from afar. not known for sure if look closely, it's bigfoot or not.Rockstar games bigfoot fire people who enter into the game and read a credit which contains information bigfoot.myth still be traced by the myth hunter. ter wait for further information

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